Sunday, January 30, 2011

The release of Apache PhotArk M3-incubating

I'm pleased to announce the release of Apache PhotArk M3-incubating.

Apache PhotArk will be a complete open source photo gallery application including a content repository for the images, a display piece, an access control layer, and upload capabilities. The idea is to have a rigid design for the content repository with a very flexible display piece. The images in the content repository will be protected with granular access control.

PhotArk gallery currently allows you define and manage a set of albums hosted local into the content repository and provides a default web UI for album navigation. PhotArk also supports creating and deploying your own photo gallery into Google AppEngine cloud infrastructure.

For full details about the release and to download the distributions
please go to:

Apache PhotArk welcomes your help. Any contribution, including code, testing, contributions to the documentation, or bug reporting is always appreciated. For more information on how to get involved in Apache PhotArk visit the website at:

Thank you for your interest in Apache PhotArk!

The Apache PhotArk Team.