Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coding NCD and waiting for my first commit

My Gsoc project involves two modules, Messaging Module and the NCD Module. At the meantime when Messaging Module is being fixed by the author. My mentor requested me to work on the NCD Module.

I had no luck with NCD, it didn't work for me at all. With my mentor's guidance, I started fixing NCD to work with the current trunk. I went through the logs and started fixing the issues. After some days of work I finally came out with a working version. But unfortunately I didn't think of the backward compatibility, where I have used jars from the current trunk, and this have made my fix invalid.

Then according to the advice of Ben and Danial, I started rewriting.This time I made NCD to work with OpenMRS 1.6 and above. The code for this is now in the Jira [1] and a code review is also available [2].

Later I too got my commit rights for the NCD module and now I'm waiting for a chance for my first commit.


Got a green signal for the Messaging Module

My Gsoc starts with excitements, where I got an exciting project and a grate mentor! During the last few weeks I got to know lot of new thing, among them the main thing I liked is the introduction of OpenMRS modules.

After Gsoc acceptance the first task assigned to me was to get to know about the Messaging Module. Soon I checkout the code from the module trunk and tried to build that. Unfortunately it didn't work. After several tries I finally got to know that the trunk is not the working version.
With the help of Dieterich Lawson, the author of the Module, I was finally able to build the module from a breach[1]. After some bug fixes by Lawson Messaging Module finally worked for me. Thanks for him.

This was a great relief :) as I got one part of my project stable.

Now I can send mails from OpenMRS to any email accounts.