Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Got a green signal for the Messaging Module

My Gsoc starts with excitements, where I got an exciting project and a grate mentor! During the last few weeks I got to know lot of new thing, among them the main thing I liked is the introduction of OpenMRS modules.

After Gsoc acceptance the first task assigned to me was to get to know about the Messaging Module. Soon I checkout the code from the module trunk and tried to build that. Unfortunately it didn't work. After several tries I finally got to know that the trunk is not the working version.
With the help of Dieterich Lawson, the author of the Module, I was finally able to build the module from a breach[1]. After some bug fixes by Lawson Messaging Module finally worked for me. Thanks for him.

This was a great relief :) as I got one part of my project stable.

Now I can send mails from OpenMRS to any email accounts. 


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  1. Thanks a lot for the post. It has helped me get some nice ideas. I hope I will see some really good result soon.