Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What to expect in WSO2 CEP 4.0

WSO2 Complex Event Processor 4.0 is released! A long waited CEP release from WSO2. This is a major break through among current CEP products.

Here are some notable features it has introduced :

Scale and Performance 

  1. Support for distributed processing with Apache Storm - WSO2 CEP runs Siddhi CEP on Apache Storm in a distributed mode while providing an SQL like Siddhi Query Language to define queries on Storm
  2. Faster CEP engine with WSO2 Siddhi 3.0 - With LMAX Disruptor and improved memory management, Siddhi was able to run even faster than its predecessors doing ~ 4M Events/Sec
  3. HA Support - Supporting Hot-Worm High Availability with zero downtime
  4. More effective native thrift/binary transports 
  1. Realtime Dashboard support - Support for gadget generation wizard and customisable realtime dashboard
  2. Easy to use management console for business users - Ability to tweak queries with a form based UI without knowing the implementation and complexities of SiddhiQL, Storm and  Java 
  3. Event simulation capability - Try sending events easily 
  4. Siddhi query try-it - Try writing queries 
  5. Event flow visualisation - See how you the event flow pipeline will look like

  1. New protocols introduced such as MQTT, Kafka, Websocket - Support for many new and improved event receiver and publisher capabilities
  2. Enhanced query language with more extensions -  Such as Function, Stream Processor, Window and Aggregate Function Processor
  3. Support for machine learning via ml, pmml (Predictive Model Markup Language) extensions - To run machine learning model on realtime
  4. Support for Natural Language processing via nlp (Natural Language Processing) extension - Supported via Stanford NLP
  5. Geo processing capabilities via geo extension and Geo Dashboard - Dashboard having the capability to monitor and apply queries on geo spaces. 
  6. Support for scripting using JavaScript, Scala and R - Can use scripts to write CEP logic!
This release not only overcomes the scaling bottleneck of previous WSO2 CEP versions, but it also provides a seamless query language that allows uses to run the same queries both on single node and on distributed environment, making WSO2 CEP 4.0 as a unique product in the market. 

You can download WSO2 CEP 4.0 from here 
and a quick getting started guide can be found here 

Try it out, and for questions please post on StackOverflow with tag 'wso2cep'. The community and the WSO2 team will be very happy to answer :)

You can contribute your code e.g. extensions and adopters, such that it will be maintained and released on future product releases:
For Extensions and Siddhi improvements please send the pull request to Siddhi repo and 
For adopters and other contributions please send to carbon-analytics-common carbon-event-processing and product-cep repos :) 

Be Realtime !!