Thursday, December 17, 2009

EasyTamil for English to Tamil Transliteration, A Firefox add-on

This is to help all Tamils who use Firefox. If you are not familiar with the Tamil keyboard! Or if you don’t have the proper technology to type Tamil in your browsers! Don’t worry.
Now you don't need to spend time on searching mapping Tamil keys..!!
All you need is to start typing "vaNakkam” with EasyTamil and it will be "வணக்கம்" on your textbox.

Through EasyTamil you can easily type Tamil on the go. 

EasyTamil version 1.4 is now released 
This supports Firefox 4.0b8pre

You can download EasyTamil from:

If you have any doubts in installing and using EasyTamil please contact me.
Your questions and comments are welcomed...

Thank You


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  2. hi suho,
    excellent work ...
    after you release it, let me know ..

    keep it up.

  3. the add-on is approved by the board and it's now public!

  4. To enable and disable EasyTamil quickly
    you can add a short cut button.

    Right click on the menu-bar (at the free space next to Help menu)
    then select "Customize.." you will get a dialog box with lot of buttons, fine the EasyTamil icon drag and drop that anywhere you feel comfortable (recommended place is just after the address-bar).
    That's it your ready to go.

    1. வணக்கம் ,
      …என்னைப்போன்ற புதியவர்களுக்கு மிகவும் அவசியமான மென்பொருள்.

      … நன்றி
      … மேலே குறித்திருக்கும் விளக்கத்தையும் add-on பக்கத்தில் சேர்க்கவும்.

  5. It' really useful, thankyou very much....

    keep posting

  6. Dear suhothayan,

    Thanks for developing this extension. In fact while searching for a firefox extension I found this useful for my purpose. I developed web app which will in an intranet application and I cant use google transliteration bookmarklet tool.

    anyway, if there is a startcut key to enable/disable tamil typewriting it would be very useful to the data entry operators. Is there any such fecility avaliable there.



  7. The shortcut key for enabling/disabling Tamil typewriting is 'ctrl'+'alt'+'d'

    For more help on typing,
    right click on the EasyTamil logo at the browser's statusbar and then click on "Some tips...".

  8. From the EasyTamil v1.3

    The shortcut key for enabling/disabling Tamil typewriting is 'ctrl'+'shift'+'c'

    This change was made in order to enable cross platform compatibility

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  10. can u tell me how to type the sanskrit letters like sri and ha

  11. Thank you for such a very good tips. It will help a lot.

    Mozilla Firefox Technical Support

  12. I have easytamil addon for my firefox. I am not able to type my comments in tamil on face book can you help me